TTP EMEA 2020 Weekend Workshops

On the Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th March we will be providing four hands-on workshops in the Computer Centre of the University of Regensburg.

There will be no charge for these optional events but delegates will need to bring with them a laptop with at least 16GB of memory and at least 250GB of free disk space. The machine will need to have VMWare player but ideally Workstation installed.

Please choose which one(s) you will attend on the booking form.


Workshop 1

OES 2018 Cloud Integrated Storage, NSS for AD and DSfW

This will be a Two-Day event run on the 7th and 8th March

Presenter: Mike Hunsche, Technical Specialist

Part - 1 - Cloud Integrated Storage Deployment Deep Dive (1.5 days)

  1) Introduction, what is CIS

  • Core Concepts
  • Kafka
  • Zookeeper
  • Elasticsearch
  • Docker


  2) Enterprise CIS Architecture

  • DB Resilience
  • CIS Components
  • Management Server
  • Infrastructure Servers
  • Gateway Servers
  • Data Servers
  • How to put the pieces together.


  3) Deployment

  4) Any other questions


Part - 2 - Domain Services for Windows (0.5 days)

Integrating Active Directory applications with Open Enterprise Server


Workshop 2

ZENworks 2020

This will be a Two-Day event run on the 7th and 8th March

Presenter: Johan dela Ferte, Technical Support

By the time this training will be delivered ZENworks 2020 will have been released for some time. This 2 day training will fully focus on the new functionality added in ZENworks 2020 and also provide tips and tricks learnt over this first period of the ZENworks 2020 release.

  • Upgrading to ZENworks 2020


This will cover a hands-on upgrade to ZENworks 2020 and will include the latest tips and findings from support since the release.

  • Database Migration from Sybase to PostgreSQL


All customers who use the Sybase database for their ZENworks environment will need to migrate to PostgreSQL database, either when upgrading to ZENworks 2020, or this can be done separately before upgrading to ZENworks 2020. Here we will do a hands-on example of such a migration and provide tips and tricks. This can also be interesting to non Sybase customers, since later on the database migration utility will support any to any migration, e.g. MS SQL to PostgreSQL

  • Discover the new ZENworks 2020 features


ZENworks 2020 has many new features and changes, some large and some small. In this section we will cover all new features in ZENworks 2020, like:

  1. Vertica in ZENworks 2020
  2. ZENworks Patch Management and CVE tracking
  3. Apply patches on device shutdown
  4. Fixed disk folder encryption
  5. Enrolling Windows 10 devices through MDM
  6. Bundle status enhancements
  7. and more.....


  • Open call out


Here is the possibility to do a call out on training day 1 on any ZENworks related subject where you would like to know more about.

On day 2 we will discuss and go into the details. Some examples could be:

  1. What do I need to check to keep my zone healthy?
  2. How does the zQueue table work?
  3. I need to expand the vastorage disk of my appliance, how do I do this?




Workshop 3

Containers are Coming, Be Afraid!..... Or Not. - Docker Basics, surviving first contact.

This will be a One-Day event run on Saturday 7th March

Presenter: Bert Workman, Technical Support


Introduction to Containers - A primer course on Docker
This course will start with setting up Container support on a SLES 12 server. From there we will load various images and discuss basic commands and explore interacting with running containers. If you are new to containers or want to prepare for working with them in the future this is the place to start.



Workshop 4

Advanced Filr

This will be a One-Day event run on Sunday 8th March

Presenter: Vikram Derrebail - Filr Product Manager

This course will include hands-on installation of Filr, Configuration, Filr 4.x features, detailed session on Content Editor configuration and usage and a preview of Filr 4.2.

Filr Configuration:
- Types of Filr Configuration
- Configuring a Filr 4.0 Appliance
- Upgrade the appliance to the latest release (v4.1.1)
- Configure Filr to import users
- Configuring Home Folders
- Configuring Net Folder Server/Net Folders
- Security Controls
- Device Access Controls
- Application White/Black Listing
- Rebranding Controls
- Zoning
- Reports

Using Filr (end-user):
- Desktop Client features/files on demand
- Net Folder Sharing
- Outlook/office plugins
- Managing external users
- Using Web UI
- Android/iOS App           
Content Editor Appliance Configuration:
- Configuring a Content Editor Appliance
- Configuring Filr Appliance for online editing
- using online editing (desktop/mobile)

Upcoming release: Filr 4.2
- Preview/Demo