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Anwenderbericht – K - Mail Order

K - Mail Order hatte sich vorgenommen, seine IT-Umgebung zu modernisieren, um so die Mitarbeiterproduktivität und den Kundenservice zu verbessern. In der Folge entschied sich das Unternehmen dazu, auf Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server zu migrieren, Server mit Novell Cluster Services zu konsolidieren und Novell (jetzt Teil von Micro Focus) Domain Services für Windows zu implementieren, um eine einfache Integration zu ermöglichen.

K - Mail Order Success Story

As part of its drive to improve staff productivity and customer service, K - Mail Order set out to modernize its IT environment, and decided to migrate to Micro Focus® Open Enterprise Server, consolidate servers with Novell Cluster Services and implement the Novell (now part of Micro Focus) Domain Services for Windows feature to enable simple integration. Now, the business benefits from 100 percent availability, advanced functionality, and improved compatibility with third-party applications—without increasing operating costs for its infrastructure services.

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