TTP EMEA 2020 Event Registration

Please use this form to register for the TTP Conference and the associated weekend workshops.

Note that if you are a non-academic registrant you will be contacted after your registration to obtain credit card details for the $350 Conference Fee. We will send a paid invoice to all non-academic delegates once the card payment has been made and this will then confirm your registration for the event.


If you have any special and/or dietary requirements please give details below
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Please select the weekend workshop(s) that you would like to attend. Note 1 & 2 are two day events and 3 & 4 are one day events:

Workshop 1 - Sat/Sun - 7th/8th March - OES 2018 Cloud Integrated Storage, NSS for AD and DSfW
Workshop 2 - Sat/Sun - 7th/8th March - ZENworks 2020
Workshop 3 - Sat 7th March - An Introduction to Docker
Workshop 4 - Sun 8th March - Advanced Filr