First Full Funding of Student by the TTP Education Fund!

After almost two years of preparing, today we were finally able to welcome Sugandhini as the first fully sponsored student into the TTP Education Fund. And it was quite a humbling experience.

The TTP Education Fund has been established to provide the funding to take young adults in the Bangalore region of Karnataka, India through a higher education program and give them the opportunities that they would otherwise miss out on in life.

Sugandhini comes from an agricultural community in a remote area to the north east of Bangalore. Prior to starting this education course she had not visited the ‘big city’. It is difficult for us to conceive the guts and determination that is required for a young lady from this type of background to take the huge leap and move away from her family and friends to one of the largest urbanized areas in the world to essentially start a new life. To be honest she must have dreaded coming by herself to visit us at the Micro Focus Offices in Bangalore but she did it and was still smiling so we should all be proud of her for that.

Location of Bangalore and Karnataka in India 

The funding for Sugandhini’s education will all be handled by the Nisvartha Foundation in Bangalore. We have given them the money for her pre University course, and for the three year degree course, so she is covered for the entire period. Sugandhini will be undertaking a degree course in Computer Science Engineering. Bas Penris and myself presented her with an award certificate as you will see in the picture below. Bas – on the right – is a member of the TTP Advisory Board and works for Carmel College in the Netherlands. He has setup a laptop for Sugandhini and we have created a Kindle account for her pre-loaded with a number of Computer Science texts to help her get started with her studies. We also gave her a well stocked bag of Micro Focus collateral so she has enough mugs, pens and notepads to keep her going for a while.

Peter, Sugandhini, Bas

We had the feeling she was overwhelmed and incredibly grateful.

In any work of this kind support is the key factor. Sugandhini will have a number of mentors from the Nisvartha Foundation but we are lucky that Bindu Sastry who used to work in the Micro Focus Bangalore Office has agreed to be our project link with Sugandhini and will be chatting with her regularly and reporting back to us on her progress.

Bindu and Sugandhini

For all of you who contributed to our fund – thank you, you really have made a difference to Sugandhini’s life. The project continues and we now move on to collect for the next student.

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