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What's new in Filr 4.0 (Presentation and Demo)

Bob Reynolds

The Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.

The Great Eastern Shipping Company needed a remote collaboration solution for its employees at sea. The solution would have to be secure, in-house and not cloud-based, with centralized administration. It would need to support iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Most importantly, it would need to work with limited Internet bandwidth in the middle of the ocean. In short, the solution would have to be Micro Focus Filr.

University of Cincinnati
St Mary MacKillop College
How Filr helps in GDPR - Filr's integration with AAF and Control Point

Robin Redgrave & Mike Hunsche

Upgrading to Filr 4.0 and best practices

Bart Schoofs, Mike Hunsche & Robin Redgrave

Overview of Filr Advanced presentation and demo

Mike Hunsche & Robin Redgrave

Filr Roadmap


What´s new in Filr 4.0


Filr whats new whats coming

Ed Shropshire