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Retain Roadmap and Top Support issues
GWAVA 7 - New Features


For a more detailed set of videos looking at the differences between GWAVA 6 and 7 please go here


GWAVA 6 to 7 Migration and Differences

The training videos below cover the differences between GWAVA 6 and 7 and help the viewer migrate from v6 to v7






New Admin User Interface

Advanced GWAVA

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Retain Roadmap

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New Mail Filter Policies in GWAVA 7

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Retain Archiving for GroupWise

Micro Focus Retain securely archives GroupWise® email, appointments, files and attachments. This data is archived in one central location, which can be accessed by end users and administrators directly through Retain’s Web Access Archive Viewer. Retain also archives other email platforms, social media and mobile in one central archive

Push Button GroupWise Disaster Recovery

GroupWise Disaster Recovery features push button disaster recovery and full restoration of all or any portion of your mail system. Plus, if your GroupWise system goes down, GroupWise Dr can actually serve as a fully functioning GroupWise server, keeping you up and running! This webinar will give you valuable information about how to keep your GroupWise system up and running, no matter what may occur.

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern

Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway

Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway protects your email system from spam, viruses, botnet attacks, phishing, and ransomware. Secure Messaging Gateway protects Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, IBM Notes, and GroupWise email environments. For GroupWise, Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway is the only solution to provide total protection from the inside-out, by scanning and intercepting all messages that pass through through the GroupWise MTA, POA, and WebAccess, and GMS (GroupWise Mobile Server) in real time, and ensuring they are free of viruses, spam, malware, and illicit images.

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