SecureAnyBox Sign-Up

Thank-you for signing in; if this is your first login to the TTP site, your account will be provisioned to the TTP's SecureAnyBox environment automatically within fifteen (15) minutes.  At that point you will then be able to try out the software, get a feel for the strong security offered, and otherwise store credentials or other private data, in a way that can be accessed securely from anywhere by you, and shared with those you specify within the TTP organization.  The URL for the TTP's SecureAnyBox installation is

Here are a few of the many features:

  • Safeboxes store a user's credentials securely, providing access to them, or to those with whom they share credentials
    • You can create safeboxes to store credentials, certificates (keystores), documents and general files. These safeboxes and their content can be shared with other TTP members or Micro Focus employees.  Anybody from the community can signup and use this SecureAnyBox technology.  The security provided is very strong. Administrators can't access your private data in the live system, backups etc - each record is encrypted all the time and separately, accessible only with your personal Access Code.
    • If you share, you can use the audit log to see if and when the other party touches the shared data.
    • You can import Keepass and csv files directly with windows utilities provided.
    • The passwords audit report calculates entropy of stored passwords, provides estimation of time to crack with dictionary attack and investigates possible duplicity.
    • You can download SABLauncher for more effective work with the stored information - RDP, SSH, SFTP and SCP targets can be accessed with just one click.
  • In addition to storing a user's account credentials, SecureAnyBox will manage the root or administrator account of your servers or workstations, providing a new password every day for those machines' privileged accounts only to those who actually need it.
    • The random passwords for those machines' accounts are also audited when accessed.

The fine print: These accounts are provided for demonstration purposes to TTP members.  The system is protected on a private network by access management software, as well as the user's own Access Code, and the strength of the protection is directly correlated to that Access Code.


TTP-Exclusive SecureAnyBox Promotion

For a limited time only, TTP members are privy to an exclusive promotion allowing them to purchase SecureAnyBox (SAB) at a price discounted beyond the great price even with applicable volume and education discounts.  The following are for a license (which never expires) and includes one (1) year of maintenance and includes both the SafeBox functionality and a matching numbers of machines' privileged account passwords:

Enterprise Licenses (Users and Machines):

Users and Machines SAB Domains USD $ GBP £ EUR €
500 3 1 700 1 600 1 400
1 000 5 2 700 2 600 2 300
2 000 7 4 900 4 600 4 100
3 000 10 6 300 6 000 5 300
5 000 14 8 600 8 100 7 200
7 500 17 12 900 12 200 10 800
10 000 20 14 200 13 400 11 900
15 000 23 20 200 19 000 16 900
20 000 25 26 900 25 300 22 500
25 000 27 33 200 31 300 27 800
30 000 30 40 300 38 000 33 700
35 000 35 46 600 43 900 39 000
40 000 40 53 800 50 700 45 000
50 000 50 66 800 63 000 55 900


Additional Standard Licenses (machines only)

Additional Machines USD $ GBP £ EUR €
500 840 790 700
1 000 1 370 1 300 1 150
2 000 2 450 2 310 2 050
3 000 3 170 2 980 2 650
5 000 4 300 4 050 3 600
7 500 6 450 6 080 5 400
10 000 7 110 6 700 5 950
15 000 10 100 9 520 8 450
20 000 13 440 12 670 11 250
25 000 16 610 15 650 13 900
30 000 20 130 18 980 16 850
35 000 23 300 21 960 19 500
40 000 26 880 25 340 22 500
50 000 33 390 31 480 27 950

Promotion FAQ

Q.  What if you have colleagues at other academic institutions who are not members of the TTP, but who also deal with the same password issues as the rest of the world?
A.  Just have them sign up to be members of the TTP, which is free to academics, and then they also get access to this deal, plus all the rest the TTP has to offer including free conferences, free technology discussions, free trainings, etc.

Q.  What types of users are counted for these prices?  We have 3,000 staff and 32,000 students, so how many users would we pay for in the table above?
A.  Your price would be based on the number of total users you allow into the SAB system.  If that is all staff and students, it would be based on the 35,000 user price, though you could opt to pay for fewer users if only staff, or staff plus some students, were to be allowed into SAB.

Q.  What about maintenance for subsequent years?  What would that get me in licenses, and what would it cost?
A.  Maintenance is 25% of the regular license price including applicable standard discounts and is usually renewed on a yearly basis.  With this deal, maintenance for the first year means all upgrades to the product are included for that year, and after that additional upgrades would require current maintenance.

Q.  What type of hardware/software platform does SAB require?
A.  SecureAnyBox runs on standard enterprise Linux servers including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and others, plus on other operating systems.  Systems can be virtualized or bare metal, run on-premise for maximum security or in the cloud with your preferred hosting provider.

Q.  I want to try it out; how do I see the interface and try it out now to see if I like it?
A.  TTP members already have access to a TTP-wide installation for members' use.  With accounts on you can create your own safebox groups with multiple safeboxes with multiple types of accounts, share them with other TTP members, all for free.  This does not work with friends, family, or coworkers who are not part of the TTP, but anybody who can join the TTP can use this installation for their own purposes.

Q.  How long do I have to take advantage of this great offer?
A.  This offer is valid until the end of the 2018 TTP EMEA conference, another free perk of being a TTP member, which runs from February 26 through March 2nd.

Q.  What are "Additional Machine" in the table above?
A.  Every user license comes with a machine license, meaning not only do you get access for, as an example, 10,000 users, but you also get the ability to manage the root or administrator passwords securely for the same number of servers or workstations.  This means that you no longer need to have a password that, if ever leaked by former employees, helpdesk folks, or security breaches, will be valid forever and ripe for compromise, or that the password legitimately used today can still be used tomorrow.  The privileged account password changes daily, in a random-looking but predictable way, meaning a password good today is not good tomorrow, and a password good for this machine is not good for any other machine.  "Additional Machines" are prices to purchase more of these types of licenses above and beyond the number of users you want to license for all of SecureAnyBox, so you can have 10,000 users but be able to handle 15,000 machines by purchasing 5,000 licenses for "Additional Machines".