SKyPRO is a Swiss based firm, founded in 1987 with offices in Switzerland, the United States and the Ukraine. We provide software products, services and custom programming with a focus on the areas of Micro Focus (former Novell) applications as well as identity and access management solutions.


 Special Offers 



After discussions with Customers, partners and Micro Focus employees SKyPRO is adjusting the pricing model of its’ IDM and LDAP add-ons and tools for the educational market. Seeing that currently the majority of Micro Focus customers from the educational sector are purchasing software using the School License Agreement (SLA) or Academic License Agreement (ALA) SKyPRO is now offering pricing that aligns with these models.

Content of SKyPRO's ALA / SLA

SKyPRO’s ALA and SLA pricing is an annual fee that is due at the time of purchase. Upgrade protection is included in this annual fee. Upgrade protection gives customers access to the latest builds of SKyPRO’s products and services as well as standard access to SKyPRO's support team. Standard support is available during business hours (Mon. - Fri. 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM) with reaction times up to 24 hours. The minimum per order purchase price is $1,000.00.

SKyPRO’s ALA Pricing model:

When choosing SKyPRO’s ALA pricing model the annual fee for the usage of the products and services purchased is determined by the total of full-time employees (FTE). SKyPRO will accept the same proof of FTE numbers that the customer supplies to MicroFocus. Remember, Upgrade Protection and standard technical support is included in the annual Fee.

SKyPRO’s SLA Pricing model:

When choosing SKyPRO’s SLA pricing model the annual fee for the usage of the products and services purchased is determined by the total amount of enrolled students (enrollment). SKyPRO will accept the same proof of enrollment numbers that the academic customer provides to Micro Focus. Also, as with the Micro Focus policy the enrollment numbers supplied will be those published at the end of the previous academic year. Remember, Upgrade Protection and technical support is included in the annual Fee.

Products of SKyPRO's ALA / SLA:

  • IDM Audit & Compliance Dashboard
  • IDM Toolbox
  • PowerRole
  • SKyPRO Enhanced REST API Service (SERAS)




Audit & Compliance Dashboard

Monitor your IDM system, your drivers and workflows in real time. See exactly when a attribute has been changed on specific objects. Review all the different events that have taken place on users, groups, roles etc. in the last days, weeks or months. All events are marked with date, time, objectname, attribute. modify, old and new value.

Create individual schedules to historicize your directory date for your compliance reports.


IDM Toolbox

Analyze trace files, document work flows, DAL & drivers in excel sheets, clone directory trees and do bulk modification, translate
work flows, design drivers, form- and mail-templates etc. The Toolbox includes 14 Modules that are available individually or in
predefined bundles. In the educational offering an LDAP bundle is offered. These modules can be utilized without using IDM.



PowerRole automates the import of existing roles, resources and role assignments. Role assignments can be scheduled with start and end date. The role assignments can be done with or without executing the approval processes. This allows the import of initial role models or mass modification of roles, resources and role assignments within minutes.




Cisco CUCM

The integration module for Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) creates and automatically synchronizes users with your Cisco telephony solution.

Save administrative costs. The integration module uses the AXL SOAP interface, which is an integrated part of CUCM. It provides a very flexible and customizable interface for the data exchange.

New users are created automatically in CUCM. As soon as phone devices are assigned to users in CUCM, the users receive valid phone numbers. Those numbers are synchronized with your directory. Multiple assignments of phone devices to users is supported. Users can have as many phone device and phone numbers as needed. User modifications in the directory will be tracked and synchronized to CUCM.



Create and export certificates in any format for all directory objects. With the help of our integration module for PrimeKey's EJBCA PKI solution, you can automatically create certificates for all objects (users, servers, desktops, laptops, printers, telephone, etc.) in your directory.

PrimeKey's EJBCA ( is a CA (Certificate Authority) based on J2EE technology and is used even in large enterprises as a complete PKI infrastructure. The integration module uses PrimeKey's native SOAP interface to create an entity in EJBCA and generate the requested certificates based on a predefined template.

The generated certificates will be collected via SOAP interface and stored as additional attributes in your directory objects. The certificates will be exported automatically as PFX, CER or DER file. PFX certificates may be protected with a password.





The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) has been around since the 1990s. It is a good protocol for accessing directories, but unfortunately it is not web-based. SKyPRO has now developed an Enhanced REST API Service (SERAS). This highly scalable, manageable and adaptive service provides web-based REST access to any LDAP data. SERAS does not
require Micro Focus IDM.


LDAP Casher

The name is program! Using our LDAP casher you can significantly speed up complex LDAP searches and accelerate LDAP sorts. The LDAP casher creates real-time directory cashing tables to speed up LDAP queries.

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FaxGwise is a Fax over IP (FoIP) compatible, centralized fax solution (client and server), which ensures the security and control of your documents. It enables users to send, manage and receive faxes via their mailboxes (GroupWise, Exchange or Gmail).



SMS text messages are one of the most efficient ways to communicate. SKySMS allows users to send, edit and receive SMS text messages directly from their favorite email application. By integrating all text messaging related information and maintaining a complete history SKySMS ensures compliance.



SKyDrop is a file exchange and sharing solution where all files are organized and managed by individual users that can create individual file drops. Files can be added or removed, links along with individual messages can be shared via email directly from the Drop interface. By giving access to a Drop, users define who can download files and who is allowed to upload files as well. All users that get a file drop can leave their comments to files. This way feedback about your work is saved directly within the drop.

Simple file exchange up to 1GB via SKyDrop is free. If more space is needed SKyDrop Pro including 10 GB of storage space and also individual plans are available.



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