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"Start with a workshop hosted by Code and Concept,
and you will be convinced about what's possible!"
(Claus B. Hartvig - IT Manager, Consultant & eLearning Trainer
at the Royal Danish Defense College)

What we do

Code and Concept helps IT in enterprises, public institutions, education and research to optimize business and IT processes and is focused strongly on MFI Collaboration Technologies.

We do consulting, workshops, development, support and training in Collaboration, Digitization, E-Learning, Teamwork, File Sharing, Systems Integration, Identity Management.

As a Micro Focus Partner we have been working with the TTP for many years and support the Advisory Board with our knowledge and expertise, especially around Vibe and Filr.


TTP EMEA 2020 Security Education Special

[ If you're interested simply get in touch with us by sending an email to ]

After a successful phishing simulation targeting attendees of TTP EMEA 2020 at Regensburg, the conference’s keynote presentation made it very clear that even IT specialists can easily become victims of phishing attacks. If you want to keep your network secure, then the human firewall must be configured, too.

Configuring the human firewall means: education, training users and helping them when they are not sure what to do. This is even more important for users in the home office than for users working in the managed and supervised network in the office.

TTP participants asked us about choosing a tool to use for configuring the human firewall. We use Lucy from Lucy Security and - because information security education and training is so important - we have talked to the vendor and managed to put together an education special for all members of the TTP!


Lucy Security Platform Overview
Read more about the Lucy Security Platform and the different Lucy Software Editions


What is included in the Lucy Education Special 2020 for TTP members?

  • Lucy Security Premium Edition at a price of € 2.900 (3,200 USD) for the first year, down from a list price of € 7.100 (7,600 USD)*
  • Subsequent years are at the special rate of € 3.500 (3,800 USD) / year, down from a list price of € 7.100 (7,600 USD)*
  • Attractive reductions on prices for the Ultra und MSP Editions, too
  • introductory one-on-one workshop/introduction to Lucy with someone from the Code and Concept team
  • Offer valid until August 15, 2020
  • Offer only valid if ordered via Code and Concept

* (VAT added if applicable; prices subject to change if official pricelist prices change)


If you’re interested, simply send an email to or contact us directly


Success Stories of our work in the educational area

We have a long history of doing consulting for educational and research institutions and have gained in-depth knowledge about the specific requirements in public and educational organizations. We collected extensive project experience in this area, outlined e.g. in the following project success stories:


Phishing Simulation - awareness raising campaigns

We do also offer Information security and data protection awareness raising campaigns, such as the "Code and Concept phishing simulation".



URKUND integration for Vibe

As we design tailored solutions for teamwork & collaboration we have developed a number of Vibe-specific addons and tools, distributed under our own software brand co3tools. One of those tools is a Vibe-integration for URKUND, the plagiarism checker for universities and schools.


Contact us and get a special TTP offer

To get in touch with us, visit our website or send us an email at

For a special TTP offer for our "Phishing Simulation" or the "URKUND-Vibe-Integration" please let us know that you are a member of the TTP!



"We work with Code and Concept because they provide us with smart solutions – like ShareOnVibe – to real-world issues,
rather than just implementing another piece of software."

(Dr. Werner Degenhardt - Academic Director and CIO, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at LMU Munich)

"Workshops with Code and Concept are highly professional and effective. There is no other way on earth to learn more
on a shorter time than with Code and Concept."

(Edmund Weber - Technical Specialist and Project Manager at Universität Regensburg)

"The guys at Code and Concept have really profound knowledge about Novell Vibe,
they are very cooperative and it was fun working with them!"

(Oliver Diekamp - Manager Information Systems at LMU Munich)

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