TTP APAC 2018 - Bangalore Technical Conference

Join us for the Bangalore Technical Conference 2018

17th - 23rd November, 2018 



The TTP Bangalore Technical Conference will take place this year in the Micro Focus Development Centre Offices in Bangalore, India between the 19th and the 23rd November. There will also be three two day training courses to choose from, based in the Conference Hotel (The Conrad Hilton), on Saturday and Sunday 17th and 18th November. The cost for attendance for the full event, including the weekend courses, will be $300 for Partners and Corporate Customers and free of charge for TTP members. If you are an academic and not already a member of the TTP you may join up free of charge here.

The main Conference will start with a Welcome Reception at the Conrad Hilton on the Sunday evening and be followed by five full days of sessions. We will use a bus to transport people from the Hilton to the Development Centre and back each day.




Conference Hotel

We have chosen the Conrad Hilton Hotel as the Conference Hotel for this event. The room rate is 8500 INR plus tax ($119,103, £93) for a single occupancy room and 9500 INR plus tax ($133, 115, £104) for a double room. This price includes breakfast. There is a special form HERE on their website to make your room booking. When making you room booking note that many of the flights into Bangalore arrive in the early hours of the morning so make sure you book for the night before you actually arrive to ensure your room is available when you arrive. I would also recommend you to check the rates for the Conrad hotel on the website as there are sometimes some offers, linked with their rewards program, that give better rates for a short period of time - it is worth checking just in case. Note that this special rate will expire on the 12th October.

Further details of the hotel can be found HERE or on their website.

You are welcome to stay in other hotels if you wish but daily transport to and from the event will only happen from the Conrad Hilton.


Indian Visa

You will almost certainly need to apply for an Indian Visa to travel to Bangalore. The standard process is to do this via an online website and then receive an e-visa document which you must take with you to present at the airport when you arrive. Note the arrival airport is Bengalaru which is the local name for Bangalore. Note also that the majority of the websites state that you need an e-Business visa if you are visiting India to attend a conference. Some websites state that for a business visa you need an introduction letter from the people you are visiting - this used to be the case but now all that is required is a .pdf copy of your business card. If for any special reason you do require an introduction letter please contact Peter Atkins for assistance. To summarize you can apply online, you will need a 350 pixel square coloured photograph, a pdf copy of the information page in your passport and a pdf copy of your business card.


Bangalore Guide

Bangalore is one of the main IT Centres in India with lots to do and see. This video gives a good overview of the city and its sights. I would advise everyone to stay on for at least an extra day after the event and explore some of the city - there are many coices on the TripAdvisor Website. We are happy to help people plan personal travel either before or after the event so if you want to take advantage of this contact Peter Atkins in the first instance and he will put you in contact with people who can help. Many people are planning to stop for a social day on Saturday 24th and we will be arranging activities for that day as part of the conference.



Please follow this link for the final Agenda.


Weekend Courses:

On the Saturday and Sunday 17th and 18th November we will be running three courses in the Conrad Hilton Hotel. You may choose which one of these to attend on your booking form. You will be asked to bring a laptop computer with a specific amount of available Ram and disk space available (expected to be 8GB / 40GB) and VMware installed so that you can copy the course VM's onto your machine and take them away with you afterwards.


Course 1

OES 2018 in the 21st Century - 1 day

The course will be delivered by David Shepherd from Micro Focus Consulting - David being the consultant deeply involved with the Sky Television OES 2018 Project. The agenda will be as follows:

  1. Outline of virtual network
  2. Upgrade of existing OES2015 server to OES2018
  3. Build of new OES2018 cluster node.
  4. Upgrade of OES2015 cluster node
  5. Configuration of NSSAD
  6. Migration to NSS64
  7. Configuration of Cloud Integrated Storage
Learn how Filr Advanced helps you stay in control - half day
The course will be delivered by Product Manager of Micro Focus Filr - Devadas Kovilakath.
    1. Outline of Filr
    2. Overview of Filr Advanced Edition
    3. Demo of features and hands on
    4. What's coming next in Filr Advanced
    5. Ways to upgrade to Filr Advanced
    6. Custom Development with Filr: Ideas that can extend Filr using the Filr Rest API


Course 2

ZENworks - 1.5 days

This course will be delivered by Johan de la Ferté (Senior Support Engineer from the European Support Centre), Vikram Goyal (Product Manager) and Ron van Herk (pre-sales consultant).

Become the master of ZENworks, this course will bring you the advanced knowledge about ZENworks, learn to understand the different processes understand how to get the most out of your ZENworks configuration.
  1. Health check for your ZENworks environment
    • Understand how to make sure your ZENworks environment is healthy. Learn what, how and why to monitor the different components.
  2. Optimize your ZENworks environment
    • Monitoring your ZENworks server if obviously only the first step, understanding the processes will help you to understand how to configure ZENworks to get the best out of your ZENworks environment. In this course we will look at how to optimize your ZENworks server(s) and database.
  3. Troubleshooting ZENworks - where to begin
    • Understanding the processes on your ZENworks server is obviously also a key piece of knowledge to help you if something might not work as expected. As part of this course we will be troubleshooting some ZENworks issues, look at logfiles and databases.
  4. Manage your mobile devices with ZENworks
    • With ZENworks 2017, Mobile Management has been added to ZENworks Configuration Management. In the course we will be looking at how to configure and use the latest functionality of iOS and Android devices with ZENworks 2017 Update 3, and will look at how this is all working behind the scenes
  5. Understand how to use ZENworks Reporting
    • ZENworks reporting can be a great help to monitor what happens in your ZENworks environment Learn how to create reports and dashboards that will show you what you need to get from your ZENworks Database. (As preparation, please have a look at <this webinar> to get an introduction to ZENworks Reporting)


Course 3

Access Manager - 1.5 days

This course will be delivered by Gautham CA from the Micro Focus India Development Centre

What will you take away from this course?

  • Clear understanding of Access Management use cases and how access manager solves them
  • Hands on Immersion into Access Manager from basic to advanced features
  • Learn how Access Manager can be leveraged to reduce the access risks.
  • Out of Box Analytics to look at real time threats using access related data.
  • Understand how to configure Access Manager for securing your web applications.

Course content:

  • Access Management Domain and use cases (30 min)
  • Product Introduction ( 1Hr )
    • How Access Manager solves AAA ( Authentication/Authz/Auditing)
    • Product Internals, Architecture and Request Flow
  • Product Basic Hands on ( 4 hours )
    • Install
    • Configure Product to protect web Application
      • Configure authentication and Authorization policies
    • Logging and debugging
  • Deployment Use cases ( Admin flow )  ( 1 hour )
    • Cloud, Enterprise.
    • Clustering, Security, Disaster recovery
  • Advanced features and hands-on  
    • Simplified Integration with SAML2 Application ( 2 hours )
      • Salesforce
    • Simplified Integration with WS-Trust and WS-Fed Application ( 2 hours )
      • Office 365
    • Simplified Integration with Oauth/OIDC application ( 2 hours )
      • Salesforce
    • Configuring Super Human use case ( 2 hours )
      • Leveraging Risk based authentication
    • Building the Consumer portal ( B2C ) ( Depending on the time )
    • Analytics Dashboard DEMO ( Depending on the time )


Further details

If you have any questions concerning the event and/or need help/advice on tranvelling to India please contact Peter Atkins using and he will be only too happy to help out.


Quotes from previous event attendees:

  • "The Bangalore TTP is the best resource to provide my customers and colleagues deep insight into the products. Being back on my daily job, the personal contact to Product Managers and developers did help me a lot throughout the year." Harald Gemmer, Carpe Diem, Germany.
  • "I would attend again due to the deep coverage of Microfocus solutions delivered by the development teams as well as an incredible mix of knowledgeable and interesting IT practitioners from the education community and partners." Claudio Antonioli, Systemcraft, Australia.
  • "Better even than BrainShare. Talking to the developers and expanding upon their ideas brings the Bangalore conference close to perfection. Understanding how the code was written ensures a perfect deployment every time, giving fewer calls and more satisfied customers." Tim Heywood, NDS8, UK.
  • See also the Past Events page covering this event on the TTP Website.