GDPR Details

Information concerning GDPR as this relates to the TTP Group

  1. As a member of the TTP you acknowledge that your TTP membership details may be used by other TTP members and by employees of Micro Focus or SUSE to make contact with you during or subsequent to your membership of the group.
  2. The security and privacy of your data is important to us and will be influenced by Micro Focus policies as referenced on their website
  3. TTP member data will not be given to Micro Focus, SUSE or third parties or to sponsors or partners of the TTP Group. However on occasion we may send you emails created by ourselves, partners and sponsors concerning topics which we feel will be of value to you as a member of the TTP Group.
  4. If you ask to leave the TTP group your membership details will be deleted from the TTP membership files and your rights to access all of the TTP information on the TTP website and academic only information on the TTP website will be removed.
  5. If you ask to simply leave the TTP Forum or Mailman Mailing list you will be deleted from the Forum and Mailman Mailing List. Deleted in this context means that you will no longer be able to post messages within the Forum, read messages within the Forum, post messages to the Mailing List or receive mail from the Mailing List.
  6. If you are based in Europe and you invoke your right under the GDPR regulations to ‘Be Forgotten by the TTP Group’ we will carry out the following (subject to points 7 to 10 below):
    • Your membership details will be deleted from the TTP membership files and your rights to access all of the TTP information and the Micro Focus academic only information will be removed.

    • All posts that you have made within the Forum will be anonymized by removing your email address and contact details that you will supply us with on a form. The actual post will remain within the Forum but this will no longer be associated with your user account.

    • For email archived as text files within the Mailman Archive we will anonymize the emails and remove the contact details that you supply to us on a form.

    • You will be asked to provide a list of any documents stored on the TTP website for the use of other TTP members from which you require us to remove any accreditation to yourself.

  1. When you post information to a Forum or send an email to the Mailman Mailing List you should take care not to post information that cannot easily be removed if you invoke the right to be forgotten under GDPR. For example, embedding your contact details into a graphic file and appending this to an email signature will not be able to be removed when anonymizing posts and emails. Similarly, no files that you have attached to emails will be processed to remove your personal details unless you specifically tell us the posts or emails to which they were attached.
  2. If a TTP member invokes the right to be forgotten we will give them the option to be able to edit all previous posts they have made in the Forum and then on a date that they specify delete their Forum usercode.
  3. Due to the highly complex and time consuming work involved in anonymizing previous members posts to the Forum and emails to the Mailman Mailing List archive if a person requests to be forgotten we will charge a fee of $150 US to carry out this work or $75 US if the person undertakes the editing of their Forum posts themselves.
  4. As all members of the TTP join the group of their own free will it is expected that it will be rare for people to request to be forgotten under the GDPR regulations. However, if such a request is made we will make all best efforts to carry out the work as requested. It will remain the TTP members’ responsibility to use the textural searching on the TTP website, within the Forum and the Mailman Archive to determine if all that they require to be deleted has been deleted and at that point to request that their usercode is finally deleted.
  5. If you wish to leave the TTP or are in Europe and wish to invoke the right to be forgotten please email Peter Atkins using and request the appropriate form.