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TTP US 2009
TTP EMEA 2015 Prague, University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic.    Dates: 9th to 13th March with an optional two-day workshop on the weekend before.                    FULLY BOOKED  Local Map: Click here
TTP US 2015 Novell Offices, Provo, Utah   Dates: 13th - 17th July Location: Novell Offices in Provo Utah  
TTP EMEA 2016 TTP EMEA 2016 will take place at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich) on Leopoldstrasse in Munich, Germany, the full week of the 7th March 2016. As usual attendance will be free of charge and delegates will only have to pay for their travel and accomodation.        
TTP US 2016 TTP USA 2016 will be held in the Micro Focus Offices in Provo, Utah from the 11th to the 15th July 2016. There will be two optional paid workshops held on the 9th and 10th July at the same location. Attendance at the event will be free of charge apart from travel and accomodation.
TTP APAC 2016 The event will take place from Monday 12th December 2016 to the end of the day on Friday 16th Dcember. There is no cost to attend apart from travel and hotel fees.
OH Summit 2017 The Open Horizons Summit 2017 in Budapest is the must-attend event to get educated, stay informed, and meet IT experts from the Micro Focus and SUSE technology ecosystem. OH Summit is your ‘peek’ into the future and a chance to resolve current business and IT challenges. Whatever your product, if you are looking to new horizons then a participation at the OH Summit 2017 will be your right choice.  
TTP EMEA 2017 The TTP EMEA Conference 2017 will be held from Saturday 8th April through until the end of the day on Wednesday 12th April at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. There will be optional workshops on the Thursday and Friday of the week before the event. There will be no charge to attend the main conference or the workshops.
Technical Solution Summit Philadelphia Three technical events, each of three days in length, will be delivered in September in the USA. These events will be open to all Micro Focus customers free of charge. Sessions will also be delivered by our event sponsors Concensus Consulting and SkyPro. Dates and Locations 6-8th September, DoubleTree Hotel, 301 West DeKalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA, 19406