The TTP EMEA Conference 2017 will be held from Saturday 8th April through until the end of the day on Wednesday 12th April at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. There will be optional workshops on the Thursday and Friday of the week before the event. There will be no charge to attend the main conference or the workshops.


This year we are really pleased that the Product Management team - Rick Carlson, Mike Bills, Jason Blackett and Ed Shropshire will be joining us from Provo so there will be great opportunities to talk directly with the people planning the directions of the products. The keynote presentation will be delivered by Peter Sianchuk the new Microfocus VP of Customer Advocacy and we welcome the opportunity to explain to him the work of the TTP Community. In addition to Tarik Baki from the Customer Care organisation and other technical staff we will have numerous presentations from TTP members about the work they are undertaking at their sites.

We are currently putting together the agenda for the event and we will publish this as soon as we can. Sessions will include roadmaps for the product groupings and deep dive sessions into the technical intricacies of the products. It will be a full agenda as always.

During the event we will provide lunch and dinner each day along with evening entertainment to give you the opportunity to network with the other delegates and the speakers. As an example on Sunday night we will be visiting and having dinner at St Florian Monastery and another evening we will be visiting the Ars Electronica Center.

To register for the event please visit the - Registration Page

Details of the free ZEN courses on the 6th and 7th can be found here: Workshops

For details of conference hotels visit this page - Conference Hotels

Details of how to get to Linz from Vienna Airport - Arrivals Link

If you have any questions concerning the event please email - Peter Atkins