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Bangalore Technical Conference 2019 TTP Asia Pacific 2019, Bangalore, India, 30th November - 6th December. The conference hotel will be the Leela Palace featured in the photograph below.  
TTP APAC 2018 - Bangalore Technical Conference Join us for the Bangalore Technical Conference 2018 17th - 23rd November, 2018 
TTP USA 2018 TTP USA 2018 will be held in the Micro Focus Offices in Provo, Utah from the 9th to the 13th July 2018. There will be optional workshops held on the 7th and 8th July at the same location. Attendance at the event will be free of charge apart from travel and accomodation. The optional workshops will incur a fee of $220 per day in order to recover costs - see the details page for information.
Two-Day Hands-On Workshops We will be holding two two-day hands-on technical workshops in the Micro Focus Offices in Provo, Utah on Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th July. One of the workshops will be centered around the installation and upgrading to ZENworks 2017 Update 2 and the other around Linux and Bash Scripting. Both workshops will be technical in nature. The cost for each workshop will be $440 and we will provide lunch and refreshments on each day. For details of the course content please refer to this link
TTP EMEA 2018 The conference was a big success! Thank you all.  You will find the slides under "Past Events"     The TTP EMEA Conference 2018 will be held from Monday 26th February through until the end of the day on Friday 2nd March at Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden in Weiden, Germany. There will be optional workshops on the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend before the event. There will be no charge to attend the main conference or the optional workshops.
Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging is a complete collaboration solution that provides your organization with email, scheduling, instant messaging, chat-based teamwork, security, archiving, backup, and disaster recovery. Enterprise Messaging enables your employees to collaborate anytime, anywhere on any device while maintaining security and meeting compliance. Attend this webinar to learn more! Time:  1:00 PM Eastern
Retain Archiving for GroupWise Micro Focus Retain securely archives GroupWise® email, appointments, files and attachments. This data is archived in one central location, which can be accessed by end users and administrators directly through Retain’s Web Access Archive Viewer. Retain also archives other email platforms, social media and mobile in one central archive
Push Button GroupWise Disaster Recovery GroupWise Disaster Recovery features push button disaster recovery and full restoration of all or any portion of your mail system. Plus, if your GroupWise system goes down, GroupWise Dr can actually serve as a fully functioning GroupWise server, keeping you up and running! This webinar will give you valuable information about how to keep your GroupWise system up and running, no matter what may occur. Time: 1:00 PM Eastern
Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway protects your email system from spam, viruses, botnet attacks, phishing, and ransomware. Secure Messaging Gateway protects Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, IBM Notes, and GroupWise email environments. For GroupWise, Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway is the only solution to provide total protection from the inside-out, by scanning and intercepting all messages that pass through through the GroupWise MTA, POA, and WebAccess, and GMS (GroupWise Mobile Server) in…
TTP Linux Technical Conference The TTP Linux Technical Conference will take place at San Diego State University on Tuesday and Wednesday 12th and 13th December 2017 from 8.45am to 5pm each day in the Students Union Building. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. There will be no charge for attendance. Topics to be covered during the event will include: